Volunteers’ Sharing


from Colombia

Hi, my name is Helder Henríquez and I worked with PEDIA for one year as a volunteer.
I had an amazing year and the coworkers were super friendly with me and when I needed something they were always there to help me no matter what. If you are thinking about doing a volunteer work in Germany I believe this is the best option.


from South Africa

I had a really interesting time working at the PEDIA Kita Vierländer Damm, considering that I didn’t know how to speak German well, working with the children together with the staff members, I learnt not just the language but the children came from mixed cultures, which I found beautiful. I always looked forward to waking up I the morning to hear the children’s stories, that was sometimes also too much to hear because excited children give off a lot of energy that you feel at the end of the day. I never thought I would gain so much inspiration in working with kids after spending a year volunteering in a kindergarten. It’s exciting seeing children learn and repeat after what you taught them,  it’s exhausting to hear them complain about how the other kids won’t share the toys with them, it’s funny how they still give you hugs after they did something bad. It’s heart filling when the babies cry and immediately stop once you carry them and calm them. I had a really great time volunteering at a kindergarten. It’s the best place to learn while you teach young minds. I’m actually considering doing child psychology based on the experience I had working at Pedia.

Jaqueline Tuyisenge

from Rwanda

My name is Jaqueline Tuyisenge , I am 21 years old from Rwanda . With ongoing partnership of PEDIA and Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, my previous High School, I was very happy to be offered opportunity to do my voluntary social year in the German-Chinese Kindergarten Hamburg. 

I remember jumping up and down with joy because of receiving my visa, flight booking, getting an apartment all have been very well organized and helped by PEDIA. I met my mentor first time at Hamburg airport and she helped me a lot to learn about, social life, history, culture, and she also introduced me to other colleagues.

Work in the German-Chinese kindergarten

I work in the toddlers class. There are 10 children between the ages of 0 and 3 years. Working with them sure brightens up my every single day. I work together with my colleagues to help these little ones learn at their own pace and experience themselves. For example brushing their teeth, feeding themselves, washing hands and handling brain activities like puzzles, painting, all of these activities boost their creativity and curiosity. Of course we help them a lot because they are still so young to do all of this perfectly. During the day time in kindergarten we try to find a good way which can help them to socialize with other children. Through involving them in activities during the day like teaching them different skills, such as singing, dancing, playing games. 

Our weekly schedule we do a lot of activities including taking kids to the playground, painting, attending music class and morning circle, having breakfast and lunch together , snacks after a short nap and listening stories using the CD player. I was so impressed with our preparation of different parties in kindergarten for example lantern festival evening with parents, advent calendar for Christmas, Halloween party, fashion day, sleepover all of these activities help kids to have fun, learning, growing ,feeling loved and involved .

With love and support from the colleagues of the German-Chinese Kindergarten, I gained a very tangible skill of being responsible for leading students through creative play and hands-on activities, doing experiments with kids and to introduce some projects which help kids to start having knowledge about science, social skills, art and humanities 

During my holidays I visit other places in Europe, meeting new people, learning language, enjoying changing of season’s spring, summer and winter for the first time and it was so challenging! 

I would love to thank the director of PEDIA Mr. Stefan Hensel for starting the partnership between PEDIA and Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, to organise the great year and allow me to participate in Rwanda comity here in Hamburg. Thank you a lot for this opportunity to volunteer in German-Chinese kindergarten your advice and experience has been tremendously helpful throughout these past nine months. It is a wonderful experience and made me even sure that I would like to pursue a career in early childhood education.


from China